Trish Notes

Cashdown Goats Partnership

Cashdown Goats Partnership operates a grazing enterprise in Western Victoria. We run both Cashmere Goats and Dorpers. Cashmere Goats and Dorpers make an ideal livestock mix. They compliment each other in many ways, yet the infrastructure required to run each type of livestock is similiar.

It is our aim to breed top quality stock in all of our enterprises.

Dorper ewe with 6 week old lamb, like the lamb the ewe has never been shorn or foot trimmed.

Dorper Sheep

The Dorper is a meat sheep breed developed in South Africa. They are a robust, hardy breed suited to a large variety of environments. Dorper lambs are vigourous and fast growing. Only fairly new to Australia, these sheep are rapidly gaining in popularity, due to their ability to do well even under adverse conditions. They have come into their own throughout the drought affected areas of Australia, as they have continued to do well in conditions where it had been thought impossible to turn off a prime lamb.


We purchased our first cashmeres in 1987 and have been using selective breeding techniques since to develop the Australian Cashmere Goat.

Our progress over the years has been impressive and we are now recognised as one of the the leading breeders of the Australian Cashmere. Over the past few years we have excelled in both subjective (showing) and objective (ACGA National Fleece Competition) industry competitions.

Buck kid grazing.