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Cashdown's Elite Cashmere Goats.

This is a record of some of the best animals which we have bred over the years. Some of these animals are no longer in our flock; we've moved on and the younger animals are more productive. It is interesting to see where we've come from and what is now considered outstanding as a comparison.

White 16 Kassadyn Elrod

(not many of our animals get classy names like this, most are referred to only by their ear tag number!)
TagDOBShornTFWYeild DownMicron
W169/93 7/94624g63.4%389g15.33um

Kassadyn Elrod was an exceptional white buck in his time. He was a short stocky animal. His guard hair was longer than his down, so his physical appearance was that of a hairy white goat; very much like the cashmeres seen in China. When his guard hair was parted the long and very dense down beneath was revealed.

In 1997 W16 was used over 22 Cashdown does and in 1998 he was used over 85 does. Unfortunately he died not long after of Pulpy Kidney (we learnt the hard way that you have to vaccinate goats every 6 months with 6-in-1).

1994 Australain Cashmere Growers Association National Fleece Competition.
1st in class
Greatest weight of cashmere under 16um.
Jim Brown Karakan Trophy-Goat with the highest fleece index.
1995 Australian Cashmere Growers Association National Fleece Competition.
1st in class.
1997 Australian Cashmere Growers Association National Fleece Competition.
1st in class.
The Gossamer Down Cashmere Trophy for the fleece with the highest commercial value in section B.
Greatest weight of cashmere under 18 micron.
The Sir Alan Smith Quaiche Trophy for the fleece with the highest commercial value section A and B.

Orange 35 Kassadyn Boromir

TagDOBShornTFWYeild DownMicron
0359/94 7/95530g54.2%287g15.01um

Kassadyn Boromir is a large, solid black buck (he was the biggest animal in the Cashdown herd at the time he was being used as a stud buck). Fortunately he has a placid disposition and is easy to handle. Orange 35's offspring bear a strong resemblence to him both in appearance (large and solid) and disposition. His kids have bulky high yielding fleeces.

Cashdown used O35 over

  • 75 does in 1997
  • 100 does in 1998
  • 72 does in 1999
  • 75 does in 2000
  • 86 does in 2001

Kassadyn Red 265

Red 265 was a white buck and the progeny of White 16 and a white doe which we bought when the Sandawarra Cashmere Stud was dispersed, Sandawarra Yellow 388.
TagDOBShornTFWYeild DownMicron
R 2659/98 7/99537g40.1216g15.81um

* Total amount of cashmere down produced in 2000 was 699 grams over two shearings.

Unfortunately R265 died in bad weather off shears early in 2001. We do have some progeny by him though, as we had joined him to a small number of does before he died.

Kassadyn Red 205

R 205 is a white buck out of W 16 and the doe O95. Orange 95 was a doe which we bred and a member of one of our best doe families.

TagDOBShornTFWYeild DownMicron
Red 2059/98 7/99352g60%211g13.8um
Total down produced in 2000, 436 grams.
Total down produced in 2001, 393 grams.

R 205 was used over

  • 49 does in 2000
  • 72 does in 2001
  • 101 does in 2002
  • 100 does in 2003

R 205 was sold to Cashmere Breeders Cathy and Tom Rix for the 2004 breeding season, however he still exerts a strong influence upon the Cashdown herd through his progeny.

Kassadyn Red 236

R 236 is a black buck and is the progeny of two of our best coloured cashmere families. He grows a fine, dense, very high yielding cashmere fleece and exhibits exceptionally good cahmere coverage.

TagDOBShornTFWYeild DownMicron
R 2369/98 7/99384g56.7%218g13.91um
Total down produced in 2000, 657 grams
Total down produced in 2001, 563 grams

R 236 was used over

  • 119 does in 2001
  • 123 does in 2002
  • 95 does in 2003
  • 124 does in 2004

*R 236 won the Belisa prize for the coloured fleece with the highest commercial value entered into the 2001 ACGA National Fleece Competition.

R 236 has sired a number of outstanding progeny, all of which exhibit his excellent coverage of fine, dense, high yielding cashmere.

Kassadyn Orange 100

A black doe, orange 100 is an outstanding doe born in 2001 . The fleece from O 100's second shearing was entered into the ACGA's National Fleece Competition.

TagDOBShornTFWYeild DownMicron
O 1009/01 7/03794g79.3%629g15.00um

This brown fleece won the following prizes in the 2003 ACGA National Fleece Competition.

  • First in Class B9 : Doe 2&4 tooth
  • Special Award for the Greatest Weight of Cashmere Under 16um.
  • The Highest Valued Fleece from Victoria
  • The Belisa Cashmere Trophy for the Brown Fleece of Highest Commercial Value.
  • The Gossamer Down Cashmere Trophy for the highest fleece Value from Section B
  • The Sir Alan Smith Quaiche Trophy for the fleece with the Highest Commercial Value from Section A, B or C. Fleece Value $68.30 .
  • The Jim Browne Karakan Trophy for the Highest Patrick Indexed Fleece with an index of 351.6 (The highest index ever achieved in the history of the competition; the next highest index ever being Rowan Park 777 with an index of 258.3).