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Cashmere Links

Using Goats for Vegetation Management
Many cattle producers spend a large amount of money each year to control undesired plants (weeds and brush). ... .
Australian Cashmere - attributes and processing
This research project has demonstrated the high fibre quality of Australian cashmere. It also puts forward several recommendations for the marketing and processing of Australian Cashmere.
Denver Natural Areas
.. Using goats is an efficient, holistic, environmentally healthy approach to weed control allowing us to restore degraded land in a shorter period of time. ...
Goat meat
Key messages of this RIRDC paper * International markets want more product * Domestic markets want more product * Opportunities to develop strategic alliances * Large benefits in weed control * Requires skilled management
Department of Agriculture, Western Australia Reproductive management of goats Farmnote 55/91
.The reproductive cycle of goats is similar to sheep but there are sufficient differences for goats to require different reproductive management
The Schneider Group market indicators - for fine wool and cashmere.
Gives an appropriate guide to World raw-cashmere prices.

Equipment Links

Metalcorp Steel
Make prefabricated goat handlers and yards. The goat equipment is not listed on their website, however the website gives you a link to make contact with them and find out what they currently have available.
Aglinks. The Australian Agriculture Inventory
Lists livestock equipment including fences, feeders, stock crates and other devices.
Arrow Equipment
Stock an excellent range of prefabricated goat yards, handlers and equipment. They can be contacted by phone : FREECALL 1800 814 107 for a catalogue of their products.