ADWDA PEDIGREE is an electronic flock book containing the parentage of individual animals. The data is maintained remotely by the individual breeders. Data may be downloaded to use in applications that need pedigrees for genetic analysis, for example LambPlan.

ADWDA aims to provide breeders with the tools needed to develop better Dorpers/White Dorpers and to find the animals with the genetic background they want. As with any registration system the accuracy of the data is dependent on the honesty of the breeder. Every link found between flocks improves the accuracy of the estimated breeding values (EBV) of an animal relative to others within linked flocks, in other words, the more complete the pedigree, the better the accuracy of an EBV. ADWDA encourages members to make complete and accurate flock pedigrees available, and to guarantee stability of the data by registering animals.

How is the data uploaded?

Animal data can be entered a record at a time using the edit screens, as a spreadsheet file (.xls) generated using a spead sheet program, or as a comma separated file (.csv) generated using a text editor, a spreadsheet program or your own pedigree program. For a fee the ADWDA secretariat will enter the data for you.

Proforma .XLS and .CSV files

The following files contain the column headings and in some cases sample records. Download the files, delete the sample records and add your own. If the records are new then logon and use the appropriate add page, if the records modify data that is present then use the appropriate update page. You cannot have records that add and update records in the one file. This restriction is to prevent accidental damage to old records when adding new, and the accidental adding of records when updating old.

The .xls file can by used with spread sheet software. If you don't have a spreadsheet program you can download Open Office for free.

Registration-identified using eartags

If you are using eartags alone to identify your animals and wish to register all animals you may use the following files as the foundation for your birth records. These file contains the least columns and are therefor the quickest to use.


Birth records (identified using eartags, optional registration)

If you use an eartag alone to identify your animals and do not plan on registering all animals you may use the following files as the foundation for your birth records. You may use this file to record and register your animals by putting Y in the Register (Y/N) column. You may record the birth and leave the registration to later by leaving the Register (Y/N) column blank.

The 4 records in the file are valid and have been loaded into the sandpit stud, the records illustrates several key points.

  • There is no column giving the animal prefix. You can only add animals to the flock you are logged onto.
  • If you give a parents registration number, the parents prefix is not needed, that data is extracted from the database.
  • If you use the animals eartag and don't fill in the sire's or dam's prefix the system assumes the animal comes from your flock therefor, if an animal is in your flock only the eartag is needed.

Registration, full identitication set

A sheep can have multiple identification, an electronic ear tag, an EBV identication, a large readable tag for paddock identification and the ADWDA registration number. The following files contains columns that allows the user to enter all or some of the data. The eartag number should always be filled in as this is the column displayed by default.


Historic records

You may use the following files as the foundation for files to update or add historic records. If the file adds birth records to flocks other than your own, or alters the records of registered animals, the file must be emailed to or database build backup, .


The above files contains a (registration) column, as the animal may be registered with another breed society. If a (registration) cell is left blank, a registration will be allocated when the sheep is registered with the ADWDA.

Sheep For Sale

The ADWDA Pedigree Program has a facility which allows any member to flag a recorded sheep (registered or not) for sale.

If a member has sheep for sale they will have the number of sheep flagged and the text “selling” in red text next to their stud name. There will be an extra link under their stud name saying “Sheep For Sale”. Clicking on the link will display the page with all sheep for sale listed.

Clicking on the detail link of an individual sheep displayed in the "for sale" list will display additional data for that sheep. The displayed data includes a breeder loadable photo, pedigree data, list of descendants and other record details.

As well as the standard items displayed across all flocks, the member has the option of enabling and displaying additional flock information for the breeders sheep, for example, EBVs, birth weights, weaning weights etc.

Animal Registration

No animal registration system guarantees the quality of any given registered animal. An ADWDA animal registration transfers an animal's birth record and pedigree to public ownership. Once registered an animal's record cannot be removed from the system or made private. ADWDA registration of an animal supplies an assurance to all breeders, that the record is stable. Should an ADWDA registered record appear in the pedigree of one of your animals, the links to previous generations through the record are guaranteed. Whereas a non registered record in a pedigree can be removed by the animal owner. Should this happen the link to previous generations is lost. Once an animal is registered the sheep pedigree data can only be altered by the super user.

To encourage registration, ADWDA charges a modest fee to cover some of the costs associated with maintaining this resource.

Logging on

To alter the data of sheep you own, or to see your private flock it is necessary to log onto the system. The identity for login is your prefix or ADWDA flock number, and your password. When logged on, an ADWDA member can see all of their data. Before using the system for the first time each member will need to contact the ADWDA secretariat in order to obtain their User ID and a temporary password to get them started.

Public or Private Flock

The user has the option of making his flock public or private. Anyone accessing the site can see the public face. All public, as well as your private data is available for download as the pedigrees to use for estimated breeding value calculations (lambplan etc.).

Developed By:
AIE Global Contact: Charles Esson
Rual Services Contact: Rod Martin